The Bismark Fountain Monument

The Otto Von Bismark fountain is one of the greatest yet not very popular monuments existing in Cameroon.

It is situated some kilometers away from  the South West Governor’s office, precisely in Buea. The fountain was constructed in 1918 when the German Governor in Cameroon Otto Von Puttkamer was still in power. Sources hold it that Bismark was married to  one of Puttkamer’s relatives, reason why he established this monument in Buea after Bismark’s death.

Bismark Fountain, Buea

Bismark Fountain, Buea

In the early years of its existence, the Bismark fountain served as a touristic cite for many strangers as well as provided portable water for them. Due to the neglect of this fountain, it lost the popularity it had been gaining in the South West region of Cameroon.

Thanks to the efforts of Molar John in the year 2000,s a new phase was given to this fountain and its popularity began increasing to an extent. According to the fountain caretaker John, his effort in keeping the place clean was first rewarded in 2009 by the then South West Governor. Today, the caretaker receives money from the German Embassy to take care of the fountain. The monument once again serves as cite to tourist who visit the South West region of Cameroon, but does no longer provide water to these visitors as it used to be in the past.


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